Simple superfoods to boost your meals

Simple superfoods to boost your meals

Getting in your essential vitamins, minerals and fats doesn't have to be difficult! Shops and markets are now packed with whole and superfoods that can help you make everyday meals even more nutritious - especially if you're eating plant-based.

Here are five simple staples to add to your cupboards to give your meals a boost...

Maca powder

Packed full of potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc plus vitamin B and iron, maca powder has been long known as a superfood.

Some studies have shown that maca powder has the power to reduce high blood pressure and has a high antioxidant content. We suggest blending a spoon of maca powder into your smoothies, protein shakes or overnight oats for a handy boot of nutrients!

Grab a pouch from your local supermarket for under £2.

Flax seeds

A useful tool for any vegan wanting to create omega-3 rich meals or thicken egg-less recipes, flax seeds are a versatile ingredient for baking and dishes like curries thanks to their rich texture and nutty taste.

The good fats in flax seeds are essential for brain function and blood flow too, so add them to your pasta sauces, pancakes and porridge to top up your oil levels throughout the day!

Goji berries

These little shrivelled berries are brimming with vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin A, iron, selenium and other antioxidants, making them a favourite superfood amongst celebs and chefs.

They're a tasty and easy addition to breakfasts and healthy baked dishes for a boost of essential vitamins. Try sprinkling a handful on your oats with a drizzle of almond butter for a filling start to the day.

Bee pollen

This one might sound more strange than super, but bee pollen has been used medicinally for thousands of years! Nowadays, it's an easy ingredient to improve alertness and lift brain fog thanks to all the B vitamins those handy bees have packed into their pollen.

Try it raw or add to yoghurt, smoothies or breakfast cereal for a morning hit of feel good!


Chefs like Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal have all publicly supported the slimy foodstuff as a great source of nutrients, even suggesting that the NHS should introduce it to their menus. That's how super it is!

One draw is that seaweed contains high levels of iodine, which is often hard to come by plus in dried form, it can be an excellent replacement for salt. This is probably the simplest way to incorporate seaweed into your diet - just sprinkle seaweed flakes onto your evening meals, include it in a salad or even eat it with everyone's favourite, kale.

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