Igluu Ambassador - Steve from @steve_achievesw

Igluu Ambassador - Steve from @steve_achievesw

After a scare at work, Steve took his health into his own hands to lose over 130lbs. Now, he's conquering his health and fitness goals - and even gearing up to climb Snowdown - while still keeping it real with treats here and there. We spoke to Steve to find out more about how he smashed his goals to transform his health and inspire others.

When did you start your journey?

I had a suspected heart attack whilst at work which kick started my weight loss journey.

What was your original goal and have you met it/surpassed it?

I was told by my specialist to lose 6 stone or I wouldn’t be so lucky next time I had a health scare! I surpassed my advised weight by an extra 4st 1lb.

How has Slimming World helped?

Slimming World became my lifeline - my way out of the situation I’d gotten myself into. The whole experience was a massive winner for me thanks to the environment of the club I attended and the brilliant social aspect of it all. The journey also enabled me to eat foods that I enjoyed, just in a new and different way to what I was used to.

What or who has been your biggest inspiration?

I see so many success stories of people absolutely smashing their weight and health goals on social media. Each and everyone of them truly inspire me - it's great to follow their individual journeys and see them make changes towards becoming the people they want to be.

When did you start meal prepping and what were your initial concerns or assumptions?

A huge part of Slimming World is cooking meals from scratch, so once I started my plan I knew I needed to start prepping meals. It became a big part of my journey to save time and effort.

What benefits have you seen from meal prepping?

Mainly consistency because I've planned my week ahead and know that every meal is prepped, meaning that I'm always good to go. I used to work night shifts so a decent, prepped meal or pack up was really important and kept me going.

What challenges have you encountered meal prepping and how did you overcome them?

Time! Time is the biggest challenge as you need a couple of free hours to prep a weeks worth of food so you can “get it done”. It's tricky to make that time when life is so hectic.

Also with working long hours, it can be hard to get everything ready each day for lunch. However in order to stick to plan you need to prep - especially if you have a busy lifestyle! - so it's worth it.

Do you have any favourite meal prep recipes or tips?

I love sauce-based meals, so I like to make spaghetti Bolognese, chilli, Diet Coke chicken and similar foods - they all work really well for me. They also taste good after a couple of days in the fridge.

How have Igluu meal prep containers helped you along the way?

To me, Igluu containers are by far the best meal prep containers. They're easy to use and store, plus they're airtight so they're really secure which takes any little worries away. I couldn’t recommend anything better.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out on their health and fitness journey?

Consistency is key! Focus on your goals, your dreams, and your final destination. Be selfish in making all of this things a reality. And most of all do it with a smile on your face. If you're in the Birmingham area and keen to start your own Slimming World journey, Steve has recently set up his own Slimming World group on Monday evenings at 7pm at The Triplex Sports Club, Eckersall Road, B38 8SS. Call or message Steve on 07713646832.

Follow Steve's journey and find all sorts of inspiration on his Instagram page. Igluu meal prep containers are available to buy on our website or on Amazon.

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