Top tips for staying healthy during party season

Top tips for staying healthy during party season

December is here! Whether you celebrate the season or not, it's the perfect excuse to get together with family and friends and overindulge. If you're following Slimming World, trying to keep your calories down or just don't want to mess up your carefully crafted routine, there are plenty of ways to survive the season unscathed.

Think drink

It's a bit Scrooge-like to suggest you don't drink at all (in fact it would be cruel to when there's so much champagne and Baileys about) so a more measured approach would be to limit the number of days you drink. Making a promise to only drink three or four days a week, having a go-to non-alcoholic drink you can sip on and savouring your Sauvignon Blanc will all help.

Breakfast boost

It's good practice to eat a nutritious breakfast any day of the year, but a hearty bowl of overnight oats, a handful of fruit and some probiotic-packed yoghurt will keep you full and your sugars level throughout the day.

Adapt your exercise

When you have a million and one things to do, getting in the gym or throwing on your trainers is likely to be at the bottom of the list. But the New Year inevitably rolls round, so be kind to your future self and keep your routine up. We suggest breaking it up into shorter chunks of time so you can fit in your daily run or weight session around the festive madness. Give at-home exercise a try too!

Meal mayhem

If there's one thing that's guaranteed over the festive period, it's overindulging in Christmas treats. From tubs of sweets to constant meals out, it's easy to leave healthy meals by the wayside. Unless... you prep! Make the most of a spare hour on a Sunday to cook up a few lunches and dinners for days you know you're going to be eating a meal out so you're still getting a nutritious, homemade meal regularly. Meeting friends on a Wednesday evening for some cheese and wine? Have an Igluu meal prep containerin the office fridge so your lunch is guaranteed to have a least a bit of goodness in it!

Snooze cruise

Having a nap might be a thing of student days gone by and reserved only for the sleepiest of Sundays, but a quick power snooze before a big night will make a big difference. Taking just a moment to yourself will also help you recharge before you face the packed pub or office party dance floor.

Last but not least...

Drink, drink, drink... water! Not only will it stave off the dreaded hangover (just), but it will keep your skin clear and your body happy despite all that cheese, chocolate and champagne.

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