Igluu Ambassador - Holly from @hollyjay_sw

Igluu Ambassador - Holly from @hollyjay_sw

Changing your lifestyle to become healthier and fitter can often seem like a lonely journey, but not for Holly Lynch. She's not only found a community of support and understanding at Slimming World, but has created her own through the power of meal prep. Now, she documents her journey through her popular Instagram page and swaps prepped meals with her colleagues so they can all enjoy varied, healthy meals that save them money and time...

I've been on and off Slimming World since college. I got to 10.5stone and realised after working out my BMI I should have been around 8-8.5. After starting Slimming World I realised it definitely wasn’t a fad/quick fix diet - it’s 100% a lifestyle change and I love how it promotes healthy homemade cooking. Slimming world helped me gain confidence, become happier with my body and encouraged me develop my cooking skills. I eat and cook foods I never did before and love creating new dishes each week.

I started to meal prep around two years ago whilst working in a small retail store as a travel agent. The girls at work loved the look of my meals and asked if I would make theirs if they paid for the ingredients... and that’s how it started! I’d make 2-4 meals a day and try to switch it up as much as possible to create healthy but interesting meals. We had a Greggs and Subway next door so we needed to have tasty food on hand to avoid the temptation! I now work in a huge office environment in the travel industry and love preparing meals for even more people - I even had a waiting list at one point! I initially had concerns about getting stuck into meal prep, like I worried mostly about food going off in the fridge and whether I could find containers that would keep my meals fresh. To my surprise, I've never had any issues with this and that's because I use Igluu meal prep containers which are such amazing quality. I can easily pop them into my fridge, transport them to the office and then pop them into the dishwasher as soon as I get home.

Over the last two years, the biggest benefits I have seen from meal prepping is definitely weight loss. It also helps with time keeping what with me being busy at work. It encourages me to be organised too and encourages me to stay on track with healthy eating. Meal prep is definitely the key to losing weight and having a healthier lifestyle.

I get so many questions whenever anyone spots my Igluu meal prep containers in the office. A lot of people think I've purchased the meals as they look so professional.

The best advice I can give somebody starting their fitness journey would be to prep your meals!!!! It's so important and you feel so much more in control. If you come in from work feeling hungry you're going to have the urge to pick on food if you don’t have anything prepared. It’s also so easy to nip to the local shop or cafe for lunch - or even find the nearest the vending machine half way through the day. You can prep lunches, dinners & even snack boxes so you're always prepared and can guarantee that you'll eat well. The key to a healthy diet? Fail to prepare... prepare to fail. 100%. Holly Lynch Follow Holly's Slimming World journey - and find her 10% discount code on Igluu meal prep containers - on Instagram.

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